Better learn late than Never…

One of my weakness, among many others, is loyalty. Please don’t get me wrong; commitment is a grand gesture in moderation, especially in the workplace—some workplaces taking advantage of their loyal employees, they believe their employees are going to stay no matter how they behave.
My recent work experience opened my eyes to see the world from a different angle. My former manager treated me like I don’t have any chance of finding another job, even though I did a fantastic job delivering my projects. Still, I have difficulty grasping his thought, just because I pushed myself to achieve what was promised and not complaining every day about its limitations, doesn’t make me a loser.

If I were an employer, prize my committed employees, give them credit for what they achieved and count them as my colleagues and show them how valuable they are.
The only reason I shared this unpleasant memory was to conclude, devoting hundred per cent of my energy on one thing, distant me from many opportunities. I learnt this lesson in a hard way and pretty late but learning late is better than never learning.I realised it when I found myself quitting my job, feeling worthless and disappointed.

Searching for a new adventure is arduous! To start my journey, I tried to identify my skills and expertise. I allocated some time to search for my dream job. Here came the brainstorming session. I wrote down as many terms as I knew. Spend a reasonable time to analyse them; this gave me a good starting point.

The next step was to describe my expertise. Elevator peach! Does it ring a bell? It seems a straightforward concept yet intricate. It is a complex task (at least for me) as you should sell yourself in the right amount, there is a high probability of missing the opportunity if you undersell or oversell yourself. It took me a good chunk of time to come up with an acceptable peach or profile summary and lots of practice.

Now, it is time to write my resume! Writing a resume is a distinct task, which I didn’t know before. There is no way you dawdled writing your resume till you found yourself jobless, like me, it is perpetual progress, you should update and modify it. Find those lacking points and try to attain as much as knowledge about it.

I found feedback can make a significant discrepancy in how you style your resume. When I asked for the input of my resume, I was appalled; these are words that represent me, “Doer – an introvert – follower”, I didn’t foresee that. I worked in academia and industry since I graduated almost seven years ago. As a data scientist, apart from data wrangling, most of my time spent on convincing my customers to use their historical data to get more insight into their business. I always recognise myself as a person who finds energy in interactions with others and drives to achieve. Thus what created those feedback on my resume? I investigated more thoughtfully into my resume and tried to connect the dots. Soon I apprehended, my resume needs a redo. Polishing my resume was a tedious task, yet so satisfying.

As I dived into my experience and knowledge, I realised there are many things that I don’t know or don’t have experience with. Thus, I attended as many online courses as I could. Some were useful, and some weren’t. Another trick which I found helpful was to follow pages related to my career in my Instagram. At first, it sounded funny to me, but at some point, I realised even in my downtime I am learning new things. Also, I am practising my Spanish and German.

It took me five months to find my ideal job, but I learnt a lot. I found myself again and proved to myself never is late to learn new things. I understand it is so easy to doubt your worth, question your ability, fail or break into pieces but it takes courage to gather your doubts, your questions, your failure to make a stairway to success.

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