Ever wonder why ?


The story starts many years ago when I started my bachelor degree; it didn’t take that long I got my driving license ( In Iran, you have to be 18). I was so happy that I could drive without having my dad next to me, tell me what to do and criticize my driving. I was young, and love of speed was undeniable.

One evening, in my way back home, I was at a traffic light waiting for the green light. A tiny hand on my window got my attention. I looked more closely; it was a boy; he was maybe five. He was so shy to ask for money or anything, just staring at me. Without thinking, grab some money and hand it over, he smiled at me and disappeared in traffic.

The tension of that moment stopped me for a second; I wish I were that rich to take care of unfortunate children. That night I couldn’t stop thinking of that child, even now after eighteen years. Although it is illegal for children under 15 to work in Iran, poverty and uneducated parents force them to work or beg in the street. These days there are many community charities, yet not enough to put every child back in schools.

That night change me to a better person; empathy is not only a word in the dictionary anymore, but it also becomes part of me. Walking in other’s shoes is impossible; there is no way to feel the emotion of a barefoot, hungry child. But at least it is priceless if it makes us think where we are going and what we are doing with humanity.

Every time I see a child not acting like a one breaks my heart. I get so angry with the parents, wondering why they didn’t think that through. A child is a blessing, needs a peaceful home, education, healthcare and most importantly, to be loved not left alone in the dark.

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