Better learn late than Never…

One of my weakness, among many others, is loyalty. Please don’t get me wrong; commitment is a grand gesture in moderation, especially in the workplace—some workplaces taking advantage of their loyal employees, they believe their employees are going to stay no matter how they behave.
My recent work experience opened my eyes to see the world from a different angle. My former manager treated me like I don’t have any chance of finding another job, even though I did a fantastic job delivering my projects. Still, I have difficulty grasping his thought, just because I pushed myself to achieve what was promised and not complaining every day about its limitations, doesn’t make me a loser.

If I were an employer, prize my committed employees, give them credit for what they achieved and count them as my colleagues and show them how valuable they are.
The only reason I shared this unpleasant memory was to conclude, devoting hundred per cent of my energy on one thing, distant me from many opportunities. I learnt this lesson in a hard way and pretty late but learning late is better than never learning.I realised it when I found myself quitting my job, feeling worthless and disappointed.

Searching for a new adventure is arduous! To start my journey, I tried to identify my skills and expertise. I allocated some time to search for my dream job. Here came the brainstorming session. I wrote down as many terms as I knew. Spend a reasonable time to analyse them; this gave me a good starting point.

The next step was to describe my expertise. Elevator peach! Does it ring a bell? It seems a straightforward concept yet intricate. It is a complex task (at least for me) as you should sell yourself in the right amount, there is a high probability of missing the opportunity if you undersell or oversell yourself. It took me a good chunk of time to come up with an acceptable peach or profile summary and lots of practice.

Now, it is time to write my resume! Writing a resume is a distinct task, which I didn’t know before. There is no way you dawdled writing your resume till you found yourself jobless, like me, it is perpetual progress, you should update and modify it. Find those lacking points and try to attain as much as knowledge about it.

I found feedback can make a significant discrepancy in how you style your resume. When I asked for the input of my resume, I was appalled; these are words that represent me, “Doer – an introvert – follower”, I didn’t foresee that. I worked in academia and industry since I graduated almost seven years ago. As a data scientist, apart from data wrangling, most of my time spent on convincing my customers to use their historical data to get more insight into their business. I always recognise myself as a person who finds energy in interactions with others and drives to achieve. Thus what created those feedback on my resume? I investigated more thoughtfully into my resume and tried to connect the dots. Soon I apprehended, my resume needs a redo. Polishing my resume was a tedious task, yet so satisfying.

As I dived into my experience and knowledge, I realised there are many things that I don’t know or don’t have experience with. Thus, I attended as many online courses as I could. Some were useful, and some weren’t. Another trick which I found helpful was to follow pages related to my career in my Instagram. At first, it sounded funny to me, but at some point, I realised even in my downtime I am learning new things. Also, I am practising my Spanish and German.

It took me five months to find my ideal job, but I learnt a lot. I found myself again and proved to myself never is late to learn new things. I understand it is so easy to doubt your worth, question your ability, fail or break into pieces but it takes courage to gather your doubts, your questions, your failure to make a stairway to success.

Is’nt hard to start ?

Don’t be afraid to start all over agin !

I am wondering how hard it is to do something different. Not different as a new thing, more of the new habit. All my life, I wish I could be a writer; I do always keep a diary, and never let anyone read it. Sometimes when I go back and read them, I feel so sad, either it was a bad day, or it was a good day, and I missed it. All this time, I was thinking to start sharing and writing down the words I always wanted. I guess, As you get older, you less think about keeping your experience to yourself.

Sometimes it is hard to explain every feeling, or often you don’t see any reason to justified whatever emotion you are having. At least I was on that boat for many years, I kept everything for myself, afraid to open up about my doubts, anger, happiness, etc. Never talk about what is essential for me and why I do what I am doing in my life. However, recent experience shows me the other side of the road, and I see how important it is to share what do I care about and what is it to drive me to move forward.

I guess you are thinking of the COVID 19 pandemic, and you are halfway there, but the main reason was my previous job. Long story short, last December, I decided to resign my position and gave my self a couple of months to up-skill and get ready for the job that I thought suited me best.
On mid-December 2019, I took an extended vacation, and I flew back to Iran- my beautiful home county – to spend some free time with my parents and sibling. Every time I went there, my brother asks me “how long you are staying” and no matter what my answer is, he will be disappointed and tell me that is so soon I wish you could stay longer. Still, this time was different, I said to him, I could stay as long as I want and I don’t have to go back to Sydney on a specific date. At first, he gave me that smile that I am not trading for a million box. In a split second, that smile faded to a series of questions, why you are not going back, is everything alright? Did someone upset you? The answer was easy to tell him I resigned. Still, I didn’t want to make him worry and didn’t what to explain myself why I quit, so I ended up told him, I ask my boss to stay longer and work remote from Iran. He was happy, and I was pleased but two distinct happiness.

January 2020, my husband and I have attended a conference in Lausanne for a week. Such a fantastic city, it didn’t take that long Ehsan, and I feel in love with the city, people and scenery. Thirteen years living in Sydney gets us forgot the snowy season. We drove from Lausanne to Chamonix in snow, such an enjoyable experience, and often we pulled over to make a snowball and throw at each other like we were kids. Meanwhile, we both agreed that it would be fantastic if we have the chance to live here for a while to experience a new culture. To clarify, before I resigned from my previous job, I secured a position which supposed to start in late March 2020, and my husband has a decent job in Syndey. Thus the idea of moving to Switzerland was like a long term plan for the future.

After a week in Lausanne, we were backed to Iran to spend more time with my family. It didn’t take long that Coronavirus hit the news and everyone mumbling about this new disease. Such a mysterious illness, I guess till then nobody takes it seriously. There is an Iranian saying that everything wrong is happening for others. By Mid February, Iran government decided to impose some measurement to prevent the COVID 19 spread. Everyone had to stay home and only allowed to go out to buy essential. Everyone was anxious, and nobody knew what is going to happen, the news was terrifying, every channel talking about how dangerous is this disease.

At that point for me, nothing changed; my family and I are not that social. We don’t have many friends so lockdown doesn’t change our lives that much, we can’t go out and drive around. Everything was going great; The only concern was how fast COVID19 spread around and unfortunately, some people lost their lives. Suddenly everything changed as my flight to Sydney got cancelled because of COVID19 and its restriction. Soon, I found my self on the phone looking for the first flight to Sydney ( I had to back to Sydney before mid-March as I supposed to start my new job in late March). After some back and force phone calls finally, I found a ticket to Sydney via London. Not only it was a relief for me but also my whole family. The day I was travelling, my dad told me I never happy for you to go, but this time I am so glad that you are going to Sydney.

Arriving in Sydney wasn’t as we planned, at the airport we’ve been told to self-isolate for about ten days. We went home and stayed for ten days, not even seeing my little sister who studies here in Sydney. Meanwhile, I contacted my point of contact for my new position, and soon I realised the job is no longer exist because of COVID19. The hiring manager decided to freeze new hiring, and here I am jobless. For a while, I was shocked, didn’t even know where to start! I updated my resume and then looking for a job. Contacted whoever I knew and worked with – not much luck there as somehow they are dealing with the new situation. After a while, I started to doubt myself, weeks are passing, and I didn’t even have an interview. Frustration was the only word to describe my everyday life. I wondered if I was any good in what I am doing, questioned any decision I made so far – did I chose the right field? Why on earth did I decide to resign? And many more questions.

In some point, My lovely husband suggested maybe I should look for a job anywhere and not to limit myself in Australia. Inevitably it broadens my options, but with the current situation, it was a long shot to be hopeful. Anyhow by mid-May, I was lucky enough to secure a few interviews with big companies, and I started to prepare. OMG, I need to revisit everything that I knew, and even that wouldn’t be enough, I spent the past four months without thinking about my carer. I admit I enjoyed every minute of these few months. The first things came to my mind I need to have a plan. There is no way I missed any of these opportunities; working for any of these companies is like a dream comes true. So I start with writing down what I know and not—attending online courses as much as I could—reading every article about the interview. If you are interested, you can check this post to follow my step by step interview preparation. Finally, by June 2020, I found myself a job, and my life becomes peaceful again!! I won’t start my career till mid-September ( it’s all COVID19’s fault), which is why I decided to do something different – start writing my first blog.

Ever wonder why ?

The story starts many years ago when I started my bachelor degree; it didn’t take that long I got my driving license ( In Iran, you have to be 18). I was so happy that I could drive without having my dad next to me, tell me what to do and criticize my driving. I was young, and love of speed was undeniable.

One evening, in my way back home, I was at a traffic light waiting for the green light. A tiny hand on my window got my attention. I looked more closely; it was a boy; he was maybe five. He was so shy to ask for money or anything, just staring at me. Without thinking, grab some money and hand it over, he smiled at me and disappeared in traffic.

The tension of that moment stopped me for a second; I wish I were that rich to take care of unfortunate children. That night I couldn’t stop thinking of that child, even now after eighteen years. Although it is illegal for children under 15 to work in Iran, poverty and uneducated parents force them to work or beg in the street. These days there are many community charities, yet not enough to put every child back in schools.

That night change me to a better person; empathy is not only a word in the dictionary anymore, but it also becomes part of me. Walking in other’s shoes is impossible; there is no way to feel the emotion of a barefoot, hungry child. But at least it is priceless if it makes us think where we are going and what we are doing with humanity.

Every time I see a child not acting like a one breaks my heart. I get so angry with the parents, wondering why they didn’t think that through. A child is a blessing, needs a peaceful home, education, healthcare and most importantly, to be loved not left alone in the dark.